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  • Qualifying for a Mortgage When You’re Self-Employed

    BY Wayne Smith

    During the past several years, as folks struggled to survive the economic downturn and job loss, many smart people turned to entrepreneurship. In fact, working for yourself, either part-time or as your full-time gig is the... 

  • Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

    BY Wayne Smith

    Okay, it’s one of the biggest decisions of your life, so when do you know if you’re ready? Homeownership readiness can come at any age … there are young twenty-somethings that took the plunge, and there are... 

  • When to Get Pre-Approval for a Mortgage

    BY Wayne Smith

    If you’re even considering purchasing a home in the next year, the time to start the pre-approval process is now. Why so early? Here’s some advice to get you on track to a smooth purchase transaction. While you...